Customize Your Bar Dog Contest Frequently Asked Questions

Watch full video below of how to enter the contest

How do I enter?

Fill out the submission form with your full name, email address, city, state, and zip code as well as upload your photo from your mobile device or computer. Once you fill out all the request fields and upload your photo, make sure to check the box that you have read and agree to the contest rules and conditions.

My label is ready. Where do I go to enter?

To submit your photo and entry information head to:

Do I need to purchase wine to submit a label?

Nope! You can simply add a screen shot of your label design and share. However, you are welcome to purchase and share the pictures of your custom labeled wines! We love it all!

What kind of photo is required?

A screen capture, PDF of label, or even a picture of the label on your bottle if you choose to purchase! (Only PNG, JPG, JPEG, AND GIF files are accepted)

Do I have to be at least 21 years old to enter the contest?

Yes, the official rules of this contest require that all participants who enter must be at least 21 years of age.

Do I have to take a picture of the custom label once the bottle has arrived?

No, you can submit a screenshot or take a picture of the preview of the label you created

How will I know if I’ve won the contest?

You will receive an email from our team to the email address you provided on the form.